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Aspiring to empower “out of the box” learners, I created a degree program that united coursework and research in School Psychology, Special Education, Psychology, and Adult Education. With a full assistantship at the UGA Learning Disability Center in assessment, I pursued a doctorate that focused on life-long issues in learning, the impact of learning difficulties across the lifespan, and comprehensive diagnostic evaluations. In addition, I earned a full assistantship with the National Science Foundation while working towards a Masters degree in Educational Psychology. I often refer to my bachelor’s degree in fine arts as my secret weapon as it brings joy, color and creativity into my sessions.

I have a deep knowledge base about dyslexia from my extensive training and passion for lifelong learning, but more importantly, from living with dyslexia. Diagnosed in the first grade, I experienced, first hand, the academic hardships, inner struggle and misunderstandings throughout my formal education. In addition, I witnessed prodigious, personal triumphs and compassionate, caring mentors that fueled my ambition. I learned to embrace my dyslexia and came to believe that it is not a disability but an admirable difference. I love to work with and empower others with dyslexia and help them to uncover the genius within. I feel that we speak a common inner language and process in familiar ways, which enables me to connect on a core, heartfelt level.
Dr. Erica Warren

Work Experience

For the past 15 years, I have conducted teacher training in private and public schools as well as colleges. I have also run two college programs for students with learning disabilities and opened my own private practice, Learning to Learn. At present, I devote most of my time to creating educational materials and working with students on an individualized basis as a “personal trainer for the brain.” I don’t have a program, instead a create a unique, multisensory plan for each learner designed to maximize potential and remediate areas of weakness.  I love to find the best assistive technology and online resources for my students so they can quickly gain independence.  Learning games that ignite joyful learning, compensatory learning strategies, executive functioning coaching, mindful and critical thinking, strengthening of cognitive weaknesses as well as remedial reading, writing and math methods are common aims. I founded Learning to Learn in 1999.

Educational Materials

I quickly learned that materials for learning specialists and educational therapists were scarce. What’s more, many the resources were dull and boring.  When I began to create my own multisensory, mindful and fun materials, my students experienced huge gains and teacher’s were continually asking about my methods and materials.  As a result, I created

Dr. Erica Warren, Educational Therapist, Author, and Artist.

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