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Solving Spelling Problems with Digital Assistants and Voice Search Technology

Challenges with spelling disrupt the flow of thoughts, distract the writer and often result in poor word choice.  Even though the author may have an excellent speaking vocabulary, their writing may suffer due to avoidance of words that are difficult to spell.  What’s more, many poor spellers skirt writing altogether because navigating spelling potholes can be Read More

Learn about Strengthening Working Memory with Free Sample Activities

Working memory is a fundamental cognitive processing activity required for learning.  It is the part of the brain that is responsible for the transient holding and processing of new and stored information. It’s key for executive functioning skills, reasoning, comprehension, learning and the updating of memory.   Here are some sample activities that can help educational therapists, Read More

Are Academic Accommodations Fair?

Many parents, teachers and administrators worry about whether academic accommodations offer an unfair advantage to some students. They are concerned that providing services such as extended time on tests, the use of a computer with a spell check, a reader or a copy of the teacher’s notes provides an uneven playing field. Fair Shouldn’t be Read More