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Nurturing Lifetime Success for Students with Learning Disabilities

There are many successful adults with learning disabilities, but what are the common traits that these people share?  A 20-year research study by the Frostig Center in Pasadena, California answered this question and they identified 6 key attributes that contribute to success.  Self-Awareness:  Understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses is an important indicator of success because students can learn to Read More

Multiples and LCM Made Easy with Millipedes

Over the years, I have found that students struggle remembering how to find multiples as well as least common multiples.  Somehow the wording doesn’t cue them into the process that they must execute to solve the math problems.  As a result, I continually associate multiples with millipedes and use the alliteration, multiple millipedes to help Read More

Successful Educational Therapy Remediation: Learning How Each Student Thinks

Every student processes information and learns differently because we each have our own, individual cognitive makeup as well as strengths and weaknesses.  As a result, the key to successful remedial outcomes is to celebrate, understand, and accommodate the unique ways that each student thinks. How Can Educational Therapists and Learning Specialists Uncover How Each Student Thinks? There are Read More

Early Literacy: Letter, Number and Shape Challenges

Occasionally, I get inquiries from other learning specialists in the field that have difficult cases. Recently, a director of a tutoring academy asked me a question about a new student, and I thought I would share our correspondence for this week’s blog post.  Names have been altered to preserve anonymity.  ———————————————- Dear Erica: I have Read More

Back to School Checklist for Parents

Getting prepared for the upcoming school year can be a complicated task that involves gathering school supplies, connecting with new teachers and administrators, establishing individual needs, creating house rules and routines, coordinating nutritious meals and snacks, and arranging any needed accommodations.  To help with the process, I have created the following checklist: Stock Up on Read More