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Place Value Game and Instruction: Place Value Panic – Enter to win a free copy

I have just finished a new, multisensory product I’m excited to share – Place Value Panic: Card Games and Instruction. This 51 page digital download offers four different printable card games, 8 spinner boards, and fun tactile instruction ideas that use color coding, recycled bottle tops, pill dispensers and pompoms.  If you would like a free copy, you can enter my contest. All you have to do is sign up for my monthly newsletter that offers sale

s, freebies and more eepurl.com/oyQMb or you can like this facebook page. Once you have done that, send me an email erica@goodsensorylearning.com and I will enter your name. The drawing will be on Thanksgiving Day!

To learn more about this product you can go to http://goodsensorylearning.com/place-value-panic-game.html

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This colorful Thanksgiving digital 

download – PDF offers enjoyable and

engaging printable activities that 

strengthen language processing skills 

such as listening, following written/oral 

directions, understanding 

homework/test questions and 

interpreting multiple choice items. 

Included in this publication are three 

activities that will also help your 

students practice linguistic cues and 

develop spatial, sequential, attentional and executive 

functioning skills.  You can come get a free sampling or

purchase this as well as other great

Following Directions activities by clicking on the image or the

following link. 


Monster Multiplication: A New Multisensory and Mindful Approach to Long Multiplication – Free Promotional Copy

Just yesterday I uploaded my new product Monster Multiplication: A New Multisensory and Mindful Approach to Long Multiplication.  If you would like to be entered in a contest to receive a free copy, please follow this blog or “like my facebook page” http://www.facebook.com/goodsensorylearning and follow one of my Pinterest boards http://pinterest.com/drericawarren/ Then send me an email with your email address to let me know (I will not use your email for any purpose other then sending the lucky winners their free promotional copy) – erica@goodsensorylearning.com.  You will then be entered to win!  I will be drawing two winners and sending the promotional copies on Halloween. 

To learn more about the product CLICK HERE
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Teaching Higher Order Language Skills: Abstract and Critical Thinking as Well as Multiple Meanings

learners, as well as those who struggle with higher order language processing,
often experience difficulties when shifting to more abstract ways of
learning.  Difficulties may arise
when multiple meanings are used in conversation or when reading.  Consequently, “reading between the
lines” or searching for a deeper meaning can be a challenge.  Additionally, concrete or rigid ways of
thinking can create miscommunication. 
It’s easy to misunderstand someone’s intended meaning when they are
being sarcastic or they are using unfamiliar vocabulary.  I’m sure you have had one of those
ah-ha moments in life where you thought, “Oh, that’s what she meant!”  Finally,  difficulties interpreting jokes, puns, or inferences can lead
to one feeling confused or embarrassed. 
I am sure we all know of a time when someone told a joke and although we
laughed along with everyone else, we did not really “get it.” 

Although learning
this important skill is a process for many students, it does not have to be awkward
or difficult.  In fact, practicing abstract
thinking can be fun.   That is
the goal of my new workbook Abstract Thinking and Multiple Meanings: Developing Higher Order Language and Mental Flexibility Through Critical Thinking and Visualization.  It was
written to engage learners and help them to conceptualize and practice higher
order language skills.  
If you would like to download a free sampling of the workbook, CLICK HERE
If you are interested in purchasing the 58 page workbook, CLICK HERE