Can ChromaGen Glasses Really Cure Dyslexia?

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If ChromaGen
glasses can cure dyslexia, this implies that the root cause of this condition
lies in the visual domain. 
However, recent research, by Guinevere Eden, Ph.D. at
George Washington University Medical Center suggests that visual processing
weaknesses are not the cause of dyslexia. 
Nonethless, some individuals with dyslexia also report visual distortions when
reading, and for those who suffer from the illusion that words appear to move
on the page and also experience headaches, fatigue, and nausea when reading,
these glasses may warrant a second look. 
What is the History of
ChromaGen Glasses
ChromaGen website reports that what began as an optical corrective solution for
color blindness, soon became a tool for some individuals with dyslexia when
they reported a reduction in certain symptoms.  As a result, ChromaGen now offers a series of 16 lenses that
are designed to help children or adults who have visual reading disorders
associated with dyslexia.
How Do the Glasses Work:
to ChromaGen, for some individuals, the eyes do not work together properly.  The visual information that travels
along the brain’s neurological pathway is imbalanced.  The creators of ChromaGen glasses claim that colored lenses
change the wavelength of light going into the eyes so that the speed of the
information is altered.  By placing
different colored filters over the eyes, the glasses can balance the
information traveling to the brain. 
Dr. Harris, who developed the ChromaGen lenses, also purports that 90%
of individuals with dyslexia, that report visual distortions, benefit from their
What are the Pros
1.   ChromaGen glasses are
noninvasive and could offer a quick fix for some visual processing symptoms.
2.   ChromaGen glasses are approved
by the FDA.
3.   ChromaGen glasses offer a 90
day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.
4.   There are no reported side
1.   ChromaGen glasses are expensive
at $150.00 for a screening and $750-$1200 for a pair of glasses.
2.   ChromaGen glasses are not covered
by insurance.
3.   ChromaGen glasses only
address one specific symptom that effects only some individuals with dyslexia.
4.   Although the ChromaGen
website offers plenty of written and video-based testimonials about the
benefits of their product for individuals with dyslexia, they still need to
back their claims with rigorous, quantitative research. 
you are still curious about ChromaGen glasses, they offer a questionnaire on
their website that can help you determine whether you or your loved one is a
candidate for this technology. 
Here is a link to the survey:
can also view some videos about the Chromagen lenses at the following link:
conclusion, these glasses may help some individuals with dyslexia to correct a
specific visual processing issue, but it’s definitely not a cure for all the
symptoms associated with this condition. 
Although, there are many testimonials for this technology, one must
consider the placebo effect.  But,
if you really want to know for yourself, and money is not an issue, why not
give it a try.  If you have any
experience with these glasses, I would love to hear your feedback.
Dr. Erica Warren is the author, illustrator and publisher of multisensory educational materials at Good Sensory Learning and Dyslexia Materials.  She is also the director of Learning to Learn, in Ossining, NY.  To learn more about her products and services, you can go to and  
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