Mindful Education and Teaching Emotional Intelligence Begins with the Learning Environment

 A big part of mindful education and teaching emotional intelligence
begins with the learning environment. 
Setting up a space where students can find peace and unwind is key.  In my private practice, this spot is my
“zen table” and the surrounding cushions, bean bags and tactile toys.  Here students can dip their fingers
into one side that is filled with lentils and colorful rocks and let the stress
of the day dribble from the tips of their fingers, or they can venture to the
other creative side that is filled with mung beans and magnets.  I got this beautiful table on Overstock
a number of years ago.  They call
it a TV table, but it makes the perfect centerpiece for a relaxation station.  If you want to make your own “zen space” you can also use big tupperware bins, an old chest, or even a wooden box.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask!!


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