How Can Books on Tape Improve Reading Speed and Reading Comprehension?

Listening to books on tape or to someone reading aloud can
improve reading comprehension because the brain does not have to work on
decoding the words but can simply focus on the content.  But merely laying back and passively
listening is not always the best approach, because it is easy for personal
thoughts to interrupt the text content. 
Therefore, for this mode of learning to be most effective, it is best
for the listener to do one of two things:

 Scan the text:
Scanning the text while listening will not only help maintain attention, but it
will assist with sight word recognition. 
Additionally, students that decode words one letter at a time while
reading will begin to see whole words and phrases.  Before long, these skills will apply when the student reads
independently, and whole words recognition and reading speed will improve.
Visualize the content:  Picturing the characters, the setting
and the plot helps to sustain attention, improve comprehension and it also
makes the text more memorable.  With
practice, many students report that they are able to create a mental movie in
their mind and that reading becomes far more enjoyable. 
There are a number of places
online that offer books on tape.
1) Learning Ally: 
2) Audio Books for Free:   
3) LibriVox:
If you would like to help students develop their visualization
abilities, I have a free image that
reviews the 10 visualization skills. 
I also offer two PowerPoint presentations that teach the 10 skills
needed to visualize.  If interested
go to:

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