10 Great, Free Typing Games

Over the summer months, kids can easily improve their keyboarding skills while having fun. There are numerous free typing games available on the internet, and this blogpost highlights a few of them.  The very first one listed, Dance Mat Typing, is by far my favorite of all the options.  In fact, it is better than many purchasable software programs and online lessons. The first two games offer lessons, while the last eight are games that allow students to practice their keyboarding skills.

This is a comprehensive typing game.  It is a free, beginners keyboarding game by BBC.
This site offers some simple, free typing lessons.
Kids can practice keyboarding skills by typing the words on the oncoming planes to make them disappear.
Type the letters to make the oncoming spaceships disappear while dodging their attack with the space bar. 
Kids can save a martian colony by typing strings of letters that will destroy the attacking flying saucers.
Kids type in the string of letters to destroy the oncoming meteors.
If kids type the string of letters, a frog will eat the oncoming words before hit the ground, if not, the frogs will disappear – one at at time.
Kids race down a road and type in the string of letters to drive past the cars.
If kids type the string of letters before they hit the ground they will disappear, if not, the ghouls will disappear.
This game helps kids learn the location of all the keys.  It involves shooting down bombs that have letters on them before they hit a city. 
If you know of any other great, free keyboarding games, please let us know by commenting below.

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