Exposing Students to the 12 Ways of Learning

Many know of the four common ways
of learning: visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic.  But did you know that students need to
be exposed to even more ways of processing information too?   Going multisensory is essential
these days and presenting instruction that teaches to all 12 ways of
processing, as described in the Eclectic Teaching Approach, can help prepare your students for a successful future of
life long learning. 
The other 8 ways of learning include:
: teach students how to order information alphabetically or
Teach with timelines, successive
instructions, outlines, and keep materials organized.
: teach students how to categorize materials by similarity. 
Web information, define and discuss main ideas and details, and use flow
charts and diagrams.
: teach students how to process ideas aloud.
Provide opportunities for students
to process ideas verbally through one-on-one or group discussions.
: teach students how to work with others.
Collaborate with your students on projects or classroom ideas, offer collaborative
assignments and allow students to work in groups.
: teach students how to think about and make connections to what
they are learning.
Offer time for students to work
independently and process ideas internally.  Free writing activities and journals can exercise this
Experience Learning
: teach students how to observe and learn from a
Offer vicarious learning
Experience Learning
: teach students how to learn in their environment.
Lead discussions about what students are learning in the “real
world.”  Inform them about educational
opportunities available in our communities and local cities (museums,
aquariums, historic sites …) and take them on field trips.
Melodic Learning
: teach students how to use songs and rhythm to learn information.
Share music that defines a time
period or mood, use melodies to help student memorize information, and play
educational music.
Dr. Erica Warren is the
author, illustrator and publisher of multisensory educational materials at Good
Sensory Learning, and she is the director of Learning to Learn, in Ossining,
NY.  To learn more about her
products and services, you can go to
www.goodsensorylearning.com and www.learningtolearn.biz  

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8 replies
  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    My daughter Arbor Pruett has just completed her first year at the College Internship Program in Berkeley California. Her "Advisor", Jennifer Woo sent
    me your link when I asked for more EF comprehension for me as a parent.
    I am concerned that the quality of education is midevil for the LD individual
    who is coping with a dark ages system of both public and private "schools".
    There are just not enough good, experienced and well trained teaching
    staff at your average "school". I'd really like to advocate to Washington and
    lobby for up to date neuroscience applications in our children and our parents lives, adjacent to educational national and state education.
    Where can I get more experience?
    Thank you,
    Deirdre Beckett deirdrebeckett@gmail.com 310-803-7816
    2244 27th Street, Santa Monica CA 90405

  2. Dr. Erica Warren
    Dr. Erica Warren says:

    Hi Deirdre: Bravo! Every voice counts. Contact your congress person and express your concern. Try to be as specific as possible. You can also find groups on the internet where you can participate in conversations. Finally, you can attend conferences. For example, the Omega Institute is having a Mindfulness and Education Conference in Rhinebeck, NY from July 27-29. This would be a wonderful place to learn about new ideas and make connections. Perhaps I will see you there! I'm going to post a short blog on this today. Thanks for igniting this discussion.


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