What is Brain Training or Brain Fitness and is it Helpful?

Brain Training or Brain Fitness is the act of strengthening
deficits in learning or weak areas of cognition.  This is typically done using simple activities that concentrate
on areas of difficulty.  Just like
a personal trainer or physical therapist can focus exercises on a particular
part of the body, many learning specialists, educational therapists and
learning coaches can help individuals of all ages to improve memory, visual
processing, auditory processing, attention, stamina and more. 
When instruction focuses on the area of difficulty, it’s
important for the activities to be engaging and fun.  They need to start at a very simplistic level and increase
in difficulty as the participants experience success.  Repeated training clears the hurtles that trip the thought
processes and helps the mind run smoothly and efficiently. 
Clearly, the brain is not limited and defined.  It continues to grow, if exercised,
throughout our lifetime.  Early
intervention can sometimes cure or remediate learning disabilities and even
diseases of the elderly such as Alzheimer’s and dementia can be avoided.  The bottom line is that it is never too
I am a learning specialist and educational therapist.  However,  I tell many of my clientele that I’m a personal trainer for
the brain.  I help people of all ages to improve
overall cognition, develop compensatory learning strategies and master optimal
study skills.  I also write
educational and brain training materials for learning specialists, educational therapists,
teachers and coaches.

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  1. Diede School
    Diede School says:

    I agree. Brain training should be fun and exciting. Just because thinking is a requirement doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Board games and puzzles are fun activities especially for kids. For adults, learning a new language or musical instruments can help sharpen the mind and improve the memory.


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