Why Do Finnish Schools Finish First? 10 Ways to Improve US Education

Let’s face it, the US education system is a mess.  Most kids are anxious and stressed, many
teachers are fearful and disrespected, countless parents are confused and
annoyed and scores of administrators are angry and aggressive.  When programs are hurting most, funding
is usually diminished.  Kids don’t
receive services until they are failing or close to failing, and if
interventions help these underachieving students, services are continually stripped
away as soon as they get their heads above water.  It’s a competitive, punitive, and dysfunctional system that
desperately needs radical reform. 

This blog post reflects back on and summarizes the main
points of an interesting article from The Atlantic Magazine published back in
December of 2011 entitled, What Americans Keep Ignoring About Finland’s School Success.  This is what
they suggest:

Strategies for Success:
     1.    Assign
less homework!
     2.    Integrate
creative play into classroom lessons.
     3.    Get
rid of standardized tests.
     4.    Let
teachers create their own assessments.
     5.    Give
teachers appreciation, responsibility and respectable pay.
     6.    Improve
teacher training.
     7.    If
a teacher is not doing a good job, it must be addressed.
     8.    Teachers
and schools must stop competing and become cooperative.
     9.    Provide
equal education opportunities for all children regardless of income, background or location.
   10.    Offer
all students free meals, healthcare, counseling and guidance.
What do you think of these suggestions?  Do you have any other strategies that could help?

Here is the link to the
I look forward to hearing
your thoughts!
Cheers, Erica

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