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Dr. Warren offers a growing selection of webinars on assistive technology, multisensory teaching strategies, internet resources, cognitive remedial tools and more.

Go Dyslexia Mission

Navigating the internet can be tricky and finding the best tools, methods, professionals and resources for individuals with dyslexia can be frustrating and time-consuming.  The mission at Go Dyslexia is to empower those with dyslexia as well as those that live and work with these extraordinary learners. Now, therapists, teachers, parents, and students can get advice, strategies, material suggestions and more.  Go dyslexia offers:

  • Free Video Podcasts that feature discussions with leading dyslexia experts.
  • Free Webinars and vlogs that present learning strategies, assistive technology reviews/demonstrations, and early literacy assistance.
  • Resource suggestions include materials that Dr. Warren uses in her own private practice.  All recommendations have been rigorously tested and approved.

What’s more, we are open to suggestions.  Tell us about a new product or method that you would like us to review.  Suggest a dyslexia expert that you would like us to interview.  Do you have ideas that would improve this site? Let us know!

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Dr. Warren (Erica),   You are a gem! I cannot express how thankful I am for the time you spent sharing all this information… I am grateful because you have given me hope for the first time in a long time. It is obvious to me that you are a very sweet and caring woman with a great passion for helping others with dyslexia. You made a friend today and I look forward to many positive interactions with you in the future.

Jim FishCollege Station, Texas

I just had to drop you a note to say that your website(s) and the many resources you have both for purchase and for free have given my practice a tremendous boost lately, as my students were needing more variety and definitely more game playing.  Not easy to find in the world of phonics… at least games that are fun.  I think I came across your info on Linked In on one of the many groups I follow, and have since eagerly looked forward to your posts.  I am a former counselor/special ed teacher who recently went into private practice myself after completing a post-grad program in Educational Therapy out here in the SF Bay area.  Anyway, I just felt compelled to reach out and say hello, and again, thank you for all the resources you provide!

Cheryl MaslowSan Francisco, CA


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